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Microsystem Technologies Established in 1995 for the purpose of creating electronic development kits and electronic publications for Engineers and Hobbyists.

MSTMicro Publishing® is a registered publishing imprint of Microsystem Technologies; creating publications for Electronic Design, Software Programming, and much more.

NuttyCircuitsTM Brand. Why NuttyCircuits? Because we love to create fun and interesting electric design projects for Engineers and Hobbyists. NuttyCircuits is a trademark of Microsystem Technologies.


ABOUT Microsystem Technologies

Microsystem Technologies Company was one of the pioneers of motion sensing applications. Many of the designs in use today originated by using a reference design originally published in Nuts & Volts Magazine in August 1995 titled: "Build a Passive Infrared Motion Sensor." The company provided Motion Sensor DIY Kits for many years that were used by Engineers and Hobbyists for motion sensing applications. New updated motion sensing applications are being developed to continue the trend along with a new motion sensor design book that will be invaluable for those who design their own projects.


Successful Kickstarter Campaign, Nov. 2020

The NuttyCircuitsTM RPI-LED board is used for easy GPIO LED indication (on/off pin state.) Easy to plug in and remove so it can be switched between Raspberry Pi single board computers or used with the Orange Pi. Can only be used on Pi's with the 40-Pin header. Also great for creating spectacular light shows. Great for new and experienced programmers.


NuttyCircuitsTM is a product brand of Microsystem Technologies, established in 1995.






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NuttyCircuitsTM Brand Circuit Boards and Kits.